Testimonials from some happy clients!

Testimonials from Nordic Walking Clients

  • I bless the Nordic Walking technique and poles every time my husband suggests a walk.

    -- Gill
  • I love footpath walking but due to worn knees my walks were very short.  Although only a novice Nordic Walker I enjoy using my poles, it takes the strain off my knees and helps me enjoy some of the walks I used to do.  I would urge anyone of any age to give it a try.

    -- Gerry
  • I joined a 2 hours Nordic Walking class which took us around Winscombe leading up to Kings Wood on Sunday 16th Oct 2011 after learning the basic technique & how to use the Nordic poles (which was very different from walking sticks) I was pleasantly surprised at the work-out you get in the abs, i expected the arms & legs but the whole body work-out was most unexpected.
    I plan to do more Nordic walking on the Mendips and surrounding areas, so please, if you see a blonde woman walking around with poles please don't shout out "oi love there's no snow" i know i'm just trying to get fit and enjoy the great outdoors.

    -- Jo Butler
  • We are 4 friends who discovered Nordic Walking last year . What a literal breath of fresh air!  Emma taught us over a three week course (we kept the poles to practice during the weeks) and we all thoroughly enjoyed it.  All of us are still Nordic Walking as often as we can - two of us try to go out at least twice a week. We love the beach but also walking up and down the local hills is fantastic.  You know you are fitter and feel you can walk for miles without getting tired.  Using the poles is amazing - get me to walk up a steep hill without my poles and I struggle - with the poles it's as if I can fly - no pressure, no effort - your joints don't feel any strain.  The best exercise I have ever done - and it doesn't feel like exercise - just pure enjoyment

    -- Debbie, Sheila, Jim & Maggie
  • I experienced my first Nordic Walking session with Emma at The Bodyworks yesterday...I am hooked already, what was I thinking the last 2 months, hill walking without those poles!!! It gives you a FULL body workout, (especially those bingo wings..) and the big big bonus, is that you are doing it in the beautiful outdoors.Very invigorating! Emma is super efficient, and a very motivational trainer.

    -- Sharon
  • Emma introduced me to Nordic Walking as part of my training plan for Hiking the Inca Trail in Peru in 2008.  Nordic Walking lengthens your stride and enables you to push yourself along.  It makes walking uphill much easier than walking without poles.  After a few lessons I decided to buy my own poles so that I could get a full body workout on all my walks.

    -- Vi
  • Nordic walking is a great form of exercise.  Who would have thought walking could be so beneficial?  After a Nordic walk you feel as if you have had a really good, all over, work out.  It's a great alternative to a workout in a gym and if you do it with others it's very sociable!

    -- Mandy
  • We have attended one of Emma's Nordic Walking groups, and can recommend her. Emma was patient and attentive, taking time to get to know the individual requirements of the group; she tailored her responses to our needs. We were inspired to take up NW for ourselves, and found that what we learned from her to be very useful

    -- Jon
  • Before meeting Emma, I would never have known that " just" walking can give such a good, whole body workout. Nordic walking in the beautiful Somerset countryside has been a fantastic opportunity to get some really good exercise whilst also getting to know local beauty spots and breathing in proper fresh air. Emma's knowledge of the area and good walking routes is seriously impressive!

    -- Sophie
  • Just to let you know how much I thoroughly enjoyed the Nordic walking tuition and then the walk afterwards on Saturday. It was really enjoyable, you were fabulous as an instructor, and I shall definitely be coming on a regular basis from now onwards and encourage some friends to join me too. It was a real bonus to discover a gorgeous walk so close to where I live, breathe in the fresh country air and take in the awesome view across the Gordano valley. My calf muscles and behind my knees were a little sore but felt better after a good workout and stretch in the gym yesterday morning

    -- Philippa Constable
  • I started Nordic walking because I had heard it gives you an all body workout - which it does!  I have had a weaker left side for some years and, following surgery and radiotherapy for cancer in the left breast, knew that I needed to build strength in my arms and upper body. I am sure that the rotation in Nordic walking is helping me.  Apart from that, it’s great to go for a walk in the fresh air!

    -- Louise from Winscombe
  • I have a long term debilitating illness which had been made much worse by inactivity.  I had become very unfit, could walk only short distances without resting and had an unpleasant habit of falling over very easily for no obvious reason.  I had a hip replacement in April 2013 so had become pain free.  After a full and professional assessment we decided that Nordic walking would be good to try.  I had heard of it but knew nothing about it.  This suited me as it is an outdoor activity ( I hate the gym) and having the poles gave me great confidence that I was unlikely to fall.  Since then I have built up my strength,  gained confidence and reversed the muscle wasting that I had.  I can walk for an hour at least an hope to build this up as time goes on.  I have got my life back, thanks to Emma and Nordic walking, in that order.   Give it a go.  You can only get stronger,  enjoy the walking in our lovely area and get to know Emma who is a star!

    -- Ann from Winscombe
  • I wanted to do some exercise, I love being outside and walking, so a friend suggested Nordic walking.  I really enjoyed it as it was easy to grasp the basic skills.  The fact that it works out your arms and legs is a real bonus, and the social side is fun too.  Emma is a great teacher and provides challenging walks that all abilities can enjoy

    -- Kate from Nailsea
  • The great thing about Nordic walking is you get exercise without really noticing the effort you put in! but do feel the benefits later. I can walk really fast now and often overtake people when just walking from the train station to work so I know it has made a difference. I am definitely fitter and more confident in knowing how far and fast I can go when walking. More confidence going up and down hills.  I like the group walks as setting dates mean I don't give my self excuses not to attend, it is good fun to meet people and really good that you don't have to plan a route or worry about getting lost, you just turn up, get fresh air and exercise

    -- Caroline from WSM
  • I love walking, the outdoors and love finding new routes,  nordic walking is the perfect combination of fun, fitness, and interest.  I attend regular classes so that my fitness and technique improve, the walks are always interesting, there is great camaraderie within the group.  I have noticed my posture has improved,  my waistline has a better contour, and my fitness is better, plus when I'm out with my husband walking our dog I can keep up with him!  As he is very fit and competitive

    -- Louise from Burnham
  • As someone who has never really enjoyed going to a gym, I can highly recommend Nordic Walking with Emma. We are out in the fresh air, we get a full body workout and we can chat as we go along! My general fitmess has certainly improved and I even entered a 5k event in the summer and came in 7th!  If you enjoy walking, this offers something extra so why not have a go and find out for yourself!

    -- Zoe from Churchill
  • I am not at the top of fitness however can take part. This is not too hard on the joints as well if you are worried about injurying yourself.  I think is has helped me get more active, I am more committed to doing this in the lunch hour. I also think it has led me to try other challenges  - 10m Mendip charity walk this year

    -- Jo from WSM
  • Nordic Walking every week is great because I do feel myself getting better, stronger and am able to push myself a bit more each time

    -- Tanya from Yatton

Other Testimonials

  • Personal training for the elderly

    Audrey thinks Emma’s personal training service is excellent.  Having appointments in the home twice-a-week working on balance, walking in a straight line, chest and arm stretches, leg exercises and weight training, walking without sticks, in her 80’s.

    Audrey has enjoyed the sessions with Emma very much and is extremely happy with the results and what has been achieved, which is very important.

    Exercises are done regularly, and the guidance and motivation given by Emma have been extremely helpful.  Audrey has learned the importance of doing regular exercise and plans to continue incorporating exercises in her lifestyle.

    Emma is very proficient, and Audrey would certainly recommend Emma’s personal training services.  She said, “Emma is a first-class trainer and a lovely person to work with”.

    -- Audrey

    Thank you so much for suggesting Fitness Fiesta!! It was wicked I really enjoyed myself and had a great time so definitely want to go again next time. I definitely worked harder on the Sunday and was very achy yesterday! Can still feel it a bit today but going to run tonight to loosen myself up!

    -- Clare Harrington, Bristol


    The challenge would have been easy had it not been for the fact I was hit hard by altitude sickness, but you will be pleased to know I completed it. I don't want to see a bike for a few days/weeks but I'm pretty sure I'll be aiming for something next year so I'll be in touch when I have worked out what it's going to be. Your programme, training and encouragement were spot on, perfect preparation. There were many times last week when I thought, "thank goodness I practised that" or "this is just like the time I did that ride etc." The stretches and the conditioning really helped too, and I experienced no physical problems other than the altitude stuff.


    Guy continued training in 2008 and did a 140 mile, two day, Coast-to-Coast mountain bike ride and said "having a structured programme, and knowing I was going to be seeing you in a few weeks really helped forced me out to train, even when I didn't want to."

    -- Guy Buckland, Winscombe
  • Peru / Machu Picchu


    Having being diagnosed with Non- Hodgkinson Lymphoma (a low grade cancer), I decided to hike the Inca Trail in Peru to raise vital funds for the Macmillan Cancer Support charity. Although reasonably fit at 57 years of age, I decided to commence some tough, but very enjoyable personal training with Emma. I spent lots of time hill walking, climbing steps, on long distance walks with difficult terrain and doing some progressive gym routines to prepare me for the challenge ahead. I raised £6500 for the charity in the process, by organising a golf day and quiz night. Once on the trek, many of the group suffered with sickness, headaches, diahhorea and fatigue, but I was extremely lucky and sailed through it all. I had a wonderful time. A very emotional and humbling experience.

    -- Vi Howley, Clewer

    Well I did it and about 10 minutes under the time I had allocated myself ... I am so grateful to you for starting me off and I shall not give up on the running...Once again many, many thanks for all you have done to help me achieve my goal and hopefully raise lots of money for the Catholic Children's Society

    -- Christina Gibbons, Winscombe


    I am totally amazed, I just cannot believe that I just ran a half marathon!! There is no way I would have done that without Emma. Trying to get back to fitness and shape after my 3 children was difficult, almost impossible to achieve myself. Not only due to lack of time and inclination but also due to a low body image and self esteem. Emma has come into my life and primarily given me the self belief and desire to do this for myself. Emma totally understands the need to fit sessions into a busy home life, and has helped me to improve my diet, prioritise exercise and actually enjoy it. She has encouraged, praised, and trained me so brilliantly, and to achieve the half marathon with my 3 small children cheering me was the most amazing feeling ever. I can't imagine life without Emma a part of it now! She is brilliant !

    -- Tamara Reed, Axbridge
  • Professional yet friendly and relaxed support

    When I met Emma I was someone who did no exercise, was unfit, overweight and unhappy with my body size and shape. Emma started me on a programme tailor-made to my specific requirements which included nutritional advice, a jogging schedule and some exercises to do at home. After the first session I remember thinking that I would never be able to jog continuously for any length of time and that jogging by myself would be impossible. With Emma's encouragement I persevered, and I am happy to say that in week five of the six week programme, I managed a 25 minute jog without stopping and certainly don't worry about jogging alone now. Three months on from that first meeting I am far more confident in myself. I regularly exercise and eat a healthy diet. The combination of diet and exercise has also brought a weight loss of nearly two stone. None of this would have been possible without the extremely professional, yet friendly and relaxed support I have received from Emma. I would recommend Emma's services to anyone serious about adopting a healthier lifestyle and getting fitter.

    -- Jane Stevens, Cheddar
  • Age doesn't matter!

    We contacted Emma Ruffle because of a leaflet dropped through our letter box advertising her exercise programmes and we felt that regular and focussed exercises would prolong our active capabilities. The exercises Emma has made us do have indeed made movements much easier and comfortable. I am 89 and my husband is 86 and he has been unwell for the last 18 months with ulcers under his foot and shingles in his eye. The use of the training bike, balls, bands and steps (we live in a bungalow) stretches both our upper and lower limbs which have been invaluable and have made the sessions both varied and enjoyable and the exercises are becoming easier and easier to achieve. In spite of her weekly encouragement, some unsupervised sessions are bypassed and we do feel guilty because of her interest in our welfare. We have thought highly enough of her capabilities to recommend her to friends. We also have great respect and interest in her organising community events such as bike rides, runs, walks in the various villages round the area, which are very well supported

    -- Colette & John Larkins, East Harptree
  • Personal Training with Emma has been good fun

    Emma is a very friendly, outgoing person. Personal Training with Emma has been good fun, with different exercises, I'm never bored. We do swimming, cycling, running, skipping, weights, stability ball exercises, trampett and Boxercise. It feels fantastic to get fit, and now I have so much energy, enjoying life to the full trying new activities like windsurfing, jet skiing, fitness weekends away, which I would never have done before I met Emma. It's refreshing at the age of 44 to notice girls half my age more breathless than me in a fitness class! I have lost two dress sizes and lots of weight. I am delighted with my results. I now cannot see my life without exercise. By keeping motivated, exercising, and a healthy outlook it reduces my stress levels. I'd recommend Personal Training with Emma to everyone, whatever age, size or shape you're in.

    -- Liz Bessant, Clevedon
  • Why you should use The Body Works too

    Just a line to say that I have now lost 7 kilos !! yes 7 kilos and feel much fitter thanks to your regime and diet advice. You can add this to your accreditations. I feel absolutely chuffed. My cycling has improved and my clothes no longer fit. Thanks again. Cheers 

    -- David Moore
  • London to Paris bike ride


    When we decided to do our bike ride from London to Paris for charity we knew it would involve a lot of training, but how we would actually structure our training regime was something none of us really thought about in much depth. This is why our meeting with Emma in April was so useful, as the tailored programme we received focused our efforts in a more constructive way, an example of this being the emphasis on the fact that it was an endurance ride we were undertaking for 3 days, therefore our training should have 3 consecutive days of cycling in which the distances would get gradually longer each week to prepare us for the real event. These distances were worked out by Emma on the basis that we would increase the distance we did each week by 10% so it felt (and was) achievable. We also received a spreadsheet from Emma where we could record the mileage we had completed and it would then calculate what mileage it meant we had to do next week, which was a really helpful way of keeping track of how the training was going. The advice on sports nutrition was also very important, as it meant we were eating the optimum foods for our needs. Of course there were days when going out for a cycle was the last thing we wanted to do, especially if it was raining and we had cycled the two days before also, but this is again where the training programme was incredibly useful as it meant we could be focused, know what we needed to do and when to do it, rather than letting ourselves get into bad habits and skipping days of training. However these lows felt in the training made the final cycle all the more rewarding when we completed it, reaching the Eiffel Tower was such a good moment! We are definitely pleased with this achievement not only for ourselves, but as we have raised just under £4000 for Children's Hospice South West which we are very pleased with. We would definitely recommend Emma's services to anyone considering doing anything like this, as the advice we got about nutrition, equipment, stretching was really useful, along with the training programme itself, without which i think we would have really struggled to be ready for the cycle at all.

    -- Steve, Taylor and Jack