Physical Challenge

Have you signed up to do a physical challenge and want some help training for the event? Whether you will be walking, running, cycling, swimming or some other exhilarating challenge, you will want to properly prepare your body for such demands. The Body Works can help get you on the right path with your fitness training - see some examples below. Don't leave it too late - contact us today for a free consultation.

londonparis.jpgLondon to Paris bike ride - July 2011

"When we decided to do our bike ride from London to Paris for charity we knew it would involve a lot of training, but how we would actually structure our training regime was something none of us really thought about in much depth. This is why our meeting with Emma in April was so useful, as the tailored programme we received focused our efforts in a more constructive way, an example of this being the emphasis on the fact that it was an endurance ride we were undertaking for 3 days, therefore our training should have 3 consecutive days of cycling in which the distances would get gradually longer each week to prepare us for the real event. These distances were worked out by Emma on the basis that we would increase the distance we did each week by 10% so it felt (and was) achievable. We also received a spreadsheet from Emma where we could record the mileage we had completed and it would then calculate what mileage it meant we had to do next week, which was a really helpful way of keeping track of how the training was going. The advice on sp orts nutrition was also very important, as it meant we were eating the optimum foods for our needs. Of course there were days when going out for a cycle was the last thing we wanted to do, especially if it was raining and we had cycled the two days before also, but this is again where the training programme was incredibly useful as it meant we could be focused, know what we needed to do and when to do it, rather than letting ourselves get into bad habits and skipping days of training. However these lows felt in the training made the final cycle all the more rewarding when we completed it, reaching the Eiffel Tower was such a good moment! We are definitely pleased with this achievement not only for ourselves, but as we have raised just under £4000 for Children's Hospice South West which we are very pleased with. We would definitely recommend Emma's services to anyone considering doing anything like this, as the advice we got about nutrition, equipment, stretching was really useful, along with the training programme itself, without which i think we would have really struggled to be ready for the cycle at all." Steve, Taylor and Jack

Andes to Amazon charity bike ride: "The stretches and the conditioning really helped"

Royal Marines Command Challenge: "We ran 3 miles and got soaking wet and covered from head to toe in brownie/orangie coloured mud - and all in the name of charity"

Hiking the Inca Trail: "I decided to commence some tough, but very enjoyable personal training with Emma... to prepare me for the challenge ahead"

Emma has been asked to provide training advice for participants in the Weston Hospicecare fundraising events: Mercury Mendip Challenge, Strawberry Jam and Midnight Beachwalk. 

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