Next course for 2019 to be announced shortly

Ladies, if you struggle to run to the end of the road and back and want some support to get you from walking to running, then this group is for you. 

We will be meeting 3 times per week for 6 weeks. 

Email Emma today to register your interest and request a booking form for the next course

Each session consists of a progressive combination of both walking and running, and by the end of the six weeks you will be able to jog/run for 25-30 minutes continuously.  If you are unable to attend the odd session during the course, we will send you off with homework to make sure that you keep up with the group.

All 18 sessions will be lead by a qualified UK Athletics leader.  The cost of the course is £60 per person.

You will need to wear trainers with good support/cushioning. Ladies will also need to be wearing a supportive sports bra. It is also recommended that you bring along a water bottle. Before you go out and purchase any new clothing/equipment, Emma can get you discounts with local retailers.

What people say about the course...

"The course was great.  I would never have imagined running 3 miles by the end of just 6 weeks.  The level of increase from sesion-to-session was just right.  Thanks!"

"For the first time in my life, I have enjoyed running and now feel confident to do it on my own.  It's been brilliant, thanks Emma"

"The best £50 I've spent in a long time!  Cannot believe that in only six weeks I went from being only able to run for 1-minute-at-a-time to 30 mins continuously on the last session!  And I've lost an inch off each thigh and dropped down to a size 8!  Emma and the group really motivated me to carry on - even managed two solo runs since..."

"I really enjoyed the six week beginners running course. It was a great kick-start for me to go onto more running and other exercise. I found you approachable, knowledgeable and never felt that I had to compete with anybody else and could progress at my own pace. I hope you do well and would recommend you to others"

"I felt much fitter after the six week beginners running course and enjoyed it so much so, that I did it again!"

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